The Rosary
Step by step instructions and complete listings of the prayers associated with the rosary.
The rosary is a
that provides us the
opportunity to
prayerfully reflect on the
life of Christ through each
of the Mysteries.
Find out more!

What Our Lady has promised to those who pray the rosary, and the blessings and benefits of doing so.
Where did the rosary originate and why is it that we pray the Rosary the way we do? Have we always prayed the Rosary the way we do today? You might be surprised!
Personalized Rosaries remains an answer to a prayer.
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"Pray the Rosary Every Day."

Designing your Personalized Rosary is as easy as:

1.  Choose what size Rosary you want
2.  Choose Crucifix
3.  Choose Center Medal
4.  Choose Hail Mary Color
5.  Choose Our Father Color
6.  Choose Personalization
7.  Choose Case Color
8.  Choose Optional Medals if desired

After you have completed the above steps, click on the ADD TO CART button on the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE

If you do not receive a confirmation via email, your order did not go through. Please call Shannon.

Rosaries are made and mailed within 3-4 weeks of payment.  

Franciscan Crown Chaplet

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Package Base Price: $35.00

Select Bead Color
301. Emerald Fiberoptic______ Click Here to View
302. Peridot Fiberoptic ________ Click Here to View
303. Copper Fiberoptic ________Click Here to View
304. Shiny Pink Fiberoptic ______Click Here to View
305. Shiny White Fiberoptic _____ Click Here to View
306. Sapphire Fiberoptic_______ Click Here to View
307. Aqua Fiberoptic___________Click Here to View
308 Shiny Amethyst Fiberoptic ___Click Here to View
309. Pink Frost Fiberoptic _______Click Here to View
310. White Frost Fiberoptic______Click Here to View
311. Capri Fiberoptic __________Click Here to View
312. Amethyst Frost Fiberoptic __Click Here to View
313. Sapphire Fiber Optic Frost____Click here to view
314. Shiny Black Fiberoptic_____Click here to view
402. 6mm round magi______________click here to view
403. Jubilee ____________________Click Here to View
404. Small Aqua ________________Click Here to View
405. Small Capri ________________Click Here to View
406. Light Sapphire AB___________Click Here to View
407. Small Clear AB______________Click Here to View
408. Blue Iris ___________________Click Here to View
409. Island _____________________Click Here to View
410. Hematite________________Click here to view
411. Bright Orange______________Click Here to View
412. Midnight________________Click here to view
413. Aztec_____________Click here to view
414. Black Frost______________Click here to view
415. Gold Nugget 6mf____________Click here to view
416. Blue-topaz-clear 6mf_________Click here to view
417. Gold AB 6mf________________Click here to view
418. Teal AB 6mmf___________Click here to view
419. Azure 6mf______________Click here to view
420. Green Ice 6mf__________Click here to view
421.Fire and Flame 6mf_____________Click here to view
422. Bermuda 6mf____________Click here to view
423. Lace 6mf__________________Click here to view
424. Irish Spring 6mf______________Click here to view
425. Coral Green 6mf____________Click here to view
426. Neon Pink Tube 6mf___________Click here to view
450. Aqua Splash 7mf____________Click here to view
453. Light Gold 7mf_______________Click here to view
501. Clear 8mm______________Click here to view
502. Clear AB 8mm ___________Click here to view)
503. Blue Almost Black 8mf_ ____________Click here to view
504. Dark Sapphire 8mf________Click here to view
505. Medium Sapphire 8mf _____Click here to view
506. Teal 8mf______________Click Here to View
507. Turquoise 8mf___________Click here to view
508. Aqua 8mf ______________Click here to view
509. Dark Emerald____________Click here to view
510. Bright Emerald 8mf________Click here to view
510A. Peridot 8mf ___________Click here to view
511. Sea Green 8mf___________Click here to view
512. Olive 8mf _______________Click here to view
514. Light Amethyst 8mf _______Click here to view
515. Lilac 8mf _______________Click here to view
516. Yellow 8mf ______________Click here to view
517. Topaz 8mf ______________Click here to view
518. Ruby 8mf ______________Click here to view
519. Garnet 8mf _____________Click here to view
520. Coral 8mf ______________Click here to view
522. Black 8fm ______________Click here to view

523. Rainbow 8mf__________Click here to view
525. Opal 8mf________Click here to view
526. Petal Pink 8mf_________Click here to view
527. Pink AB 8mf__________Click here to view
528. True Purple 8mf________Click here to view
529. Slate Gray 8mf__________Click here to view
530. Purple Splash 8mf_______Click here to view
531. Rootbeer 8mf__________Click here to view
534. Teal Splash 8mf_____________Click here to view
601. Pink Heart ______________Click here to view
602. Red Heart ______________Click heart to view
603. Opal Heart______________Click here to view
604. Aqua Heart _____________Click here to view
605. Rose Heart _____________Click here to view
606. Lilac Heart ______________Click Heart to view
701. Cobalt Oval Flat _________Click here to view
702. Ruby Oval Flat __________Click here to view
703. Garnet Oval Flat _________Click here to view
704. Vitriol Oval Flat ____________Click here to view
705. Brown Wood____Click Here to View
706. Hematite oval______Click here to view
707. Black Oval AB___________click here to view
802. Lilac Round______________Click here to view
803. Amethyst Frost __________Click here to view

804. Peacock_____________Click here to view
901. Capri Cathedral____________Click here to view
902. Gold Cathedral _______Click here to view
903. Emerald Cathedral_________Click here to view
904.Amethyst Cathedral__________Click here to view
905. Ruby Cathedral___________Click here to view

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